Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"maysix" & "howwoh"

we’ve been walking around in the
dark so long, we are blinded by
the light, when it comes on, it’s
strange to be able to see, printer
sputter, coal pits wash, may were
we here in may, reaching toward
asemia, maysix, pirate lit, it’s
funny to see the handwritten
original, what do you have against
art, may ell, the genius of lucifer,
play is truth, directly from the
wet ink to the internet, nothing
music, fire the text off into the
universe, plop out more text,

mega antic, abupa, going in the
weather, steam assisted gravity,
astroparche, american typewriter,
morcom, harvest quest putty,
jumping over the crystal hurdle,
everyone has to look like idiots,
the distance between the eyes and
the top of the head, there’s actual
living seeds embedded in the
paper, you had a rubberstamp
made up, howwoh, flakey paper,
you actually painted sixty of
these, this is the sort of brain
we wish to have, if not in,

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