Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"animated orgasm"

the typewriter has a mind of its own, one out of every hundred or
so is stolen, swastikoid, penny rolling machine, harmonica riff,
what is this gap for, here we are at gar twenty-one, think
yourself right out of a home, there’s a lot more to it if you
check in to it, why are some of these images blue and some black,
i think we can put all of these into one file, layout cake,
it’s easy to get confused when you’re standing at the copy machine,
staple or no staple, animated orgasm, the labia lab, important
face book, the yoni is blocking the sun, the destruction of
rare documents, let’s steal an actual mailbox, trance hit bell,
there is poetry dripping from the walls, dump the mail out in
the middle of the room, in the hat cave, open lips, a tonne
of old photocopies, my name is nothing, the banana tradition,
ballpoint pinhile spew, pinhole sorry, there is nothing secret,
photolight, o is for original, o is for old, toner flashing
past the eye, toner standing still before the eye, tonerfreak,
tonerkite, labial orgasm, the face is blocking the light,
a strange orange nothing, a microdrip of acid, reaching out
thru the postal system, poetry address, the year of susana,
thinks we are continueing to carry forward, two thousand and
nine in the world, all the people we lost touch with paperwise,
you can’t really see it but, okay that’s it,

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