Sunday, July 17, 2011

"aspen egger" & "chino rhino"

everyone gets to have a face, eleison
mr jimmy, your first train ride,
before the name change, unitard,
rent in time, twt, doctor it up
with a bit of poetry, jo, you are
standing there before the judge,
chinook chinook chinook, sait,
here’s aspen egger again, search
your deep consciousness, rpo,
the bird’s first chirp, this is
a lousy representation of a
cat, we know who the author
is but we can’t remember the
title of the book,

hive-art, wholastic, aquos, we
were saving this garbage to print
poetry on, butter and latex, free
crazy, sintex, at a certain point
you have to let a book go,
floated in over the wire, oh
we changed our ways, the word
hat, transaction about food,
orange written in another hand,
ham lid, green vertical, stable
together, chino rhino, cleaning
colour heads, the word chinook,
poetry is not sanity, is this the
place your chips will fall, chip,

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