Saturday, July 23, 2011

"mister disorder" & "cyberassault"

beef show, novos glick, punch out
three or four a week, telectric,
papernet poets, mister disorder,
yellow blue green, electric
living, texts that have not seen
the light of day, merely blank
texts, this writing has a nice
visual tone, this is all just
static, as you do your work
write, other people are working
while you are playing, everything
in the room must go into a box,
bookdust, tha weed moment,
out in the hot sun, we neet,

nobody likes your beauty, bring
your own meat, book by book ino,
the moment you were young, each
and every day we drop another
notch, deleted bbq, first we
sleep then we, what are you
making these marks about, text
spiral, cyberassault, boob lube,
ain’t no she, try to identify
the author, beeb lank, draw the
line out from point a to boint p,
hazzox, as and, writing my way,
are you mocking me, fiw, nice of
you to leave a window, unwent,

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