Monday, July 25, 2011


do you really think they’re being read?, thot
we were actually moving there for a sec, a
running battle, be all you can beers, we
have not moved, medium to manipulate,
the war to stop the war, auto-portrait,
who gets hit, ear response, a world
without words, saint as is, as was, we are
standing still, whirled around us,
every three moments, bent like an ell,
which product to consume next, eyes on
or off?, the blue harvest, recording:
the vice, projecting the inside,
overway, supposed to follow, brain
limited, run it out there to the
rest of the whirl, resisting reality,
going to words,

break out of this,
take a new attack,
the continual war,
non-motion sickness,
non-verby age,
where’s the flipper?,
if you used a slash,
average phrase size,
thought bytes,
special spell,
who turned out her liter,
the corner above,
this ain’t floor id da,
word fixed & loose,
move to words,
take away from words,
half way switch,
this appearance sez,
making a gone,
eye in a place,

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