Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"food paper" & "recycle forward"

you can watch them work, it’s not
a gun: it’s a reproductive structure,
nine rag, all at once or a page at
a time, yes here is the image, yes
this is after we passed thru hell,
ell rag, all at once or a letter at
a time, this is just after we got
set free, these files need to be
cleaned, we quit copying there for
a while, not too good at facing
the reality of ourselves, gened,
let’s learn how to bind books,
miss molding, picking thru it
a page at a time, food paper,

churn these out by the thousands,
the contents are lay to rest, you
think of me as such-and-such but
they think of me as, you’re not
allowed to have anything bright
and colourful, the last you are
going to be hearing from, whole
piles of writing that have never
seen the light of day, nobody
is going to be phoning you,
recycle forward, do you see
what is about to happen, we
don’t have access to these fonts,
always already published,

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