Friday, July 08, 2011


thanks for rewinding me, i wish
i was brown, a whale skull, your
nates, the token turd, and try
point, to mass it (critically, any
non-word, an nice opportunity to
pick up a raving skull, just…
vacate, missing windows (of op pour
tune, a natural word, cleaned
the corpse pretty quick, this donc,
metalmorphosis, the lee word side,
let’s goo booklooking, tlell it all!,
geek number one, the rumours of
my death are greatly exaggerated,
things are not the same all over,
bud kisser, the arc & tick of the
minute hand, living in this little
trailer, the olden spruce, i
don’t listen to the lyrics,
scrutiny of eyes, have you peekt
yet?, what lake?, number of
tons of moss, fine!, as long as
you understand the language,
free soil, pure lake the colour,
extend the morning well into
the afternoon, cleats eh?, a
sweet bog, she’s mike queen,
optickle deluging, tidal power,

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WEE-HOO said...

brown, eh?