Wednesday, July 06, 2011

"orso" & "cerulean"

do you want me to take my dress
off now, sheila vollmer, the thing
you’re never supposed to see,
eyeworms, orso, conmodom, what
did muybridge do time for,
info-mush, this paper feels ice
cold, nonmoribund, the artist
actually in motion, anyone
can take anyone for a subject,
tweakage, and the wipe goes on,
david and mike, fishpikes,
hayday, integrated random
grain, wrongfount, what did
al neil do time for, vageye,

six, pennystealer, all for none,
set up a cerulean account and
pay yourself, nothing defective,
never seen a paycheck, maybe you
are addicted to the things you
love, rain copy, evaporate the
rain, gloss loss, the printer likes
to waste ink, we can’t just let
the text evaporate, cross the
river every day, nothing needs
to be done with the text,
goonches, a zed with a dot on
top, this could be decoded,

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