Thursday, July 21, 2011

"disposable plate tectonics"

the bush north series, the televised
word, turning the tidal wave, a
channel to changes, vice over, a
head talking, red green blue,
the weasther, red crash helm,
same gas tank, this era or error,
still rock, movie do me, call now!,
shoo! maker, eye to eye, hell
chopper, greening the ruins,
wall of wind(ows, blood suckers!,
leak i am your father, chugalug!,
plane face, incoming!(ling, car
tunes, tinter structure, earring
wobble, a menacing phantom,
the hole arse ‘n’ all, disposable
plate tectonics, we’re missing
television shows!, meters of rain,
ultra high textuality, plain
base, gray stinge, see rest
ahead, modeled on the canadian
reservation system, rapid view,
i before u except after see(ing,
tuning around, only one thing on
the air, modulate the amplitude,
the easter cycle, static crackle,
hope bloats, flanguage, the
other band is playing, coming in,
our e-mail is, who’d a thunk it?,

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