Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"blank clarity"

priority number one: art, am understood, one text is going one
way the other text is going the other way, text for fortext, the
twenty-five thousand dollar delgado, nothing will act as the sign,
a saw that always works, might do a quarter size, intentional
versus unintentional severance, this is not a correspondense novel,
we have not even had a chance to reproduce yet, spoiled by beauty,
so delicate there in the shoulders, nothing folds, stand perky,
this dimple, this is out at the ranch, we are all too wise to
buy the book, dildo blacked out, a black blot on your soul, read
about oil, i could be staring you in the face, you won’t be hearing
from us anymore, each tiny particle of toner, post the damn thing,
did your pickup come, fly to flesh, blank clarity, egg on me,
why don’t we treat ourselves to a break,

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