Thursday, July 14, 2011

"zen perception"

the thing we are writing about is the thing we are writing on,
the traditional name for blank, helpful advice from lunatics,
better not egg me on, claritasworks, the drawing is not complete
until it has been coloured, retaining any element of beauty, zen
perception, no matter how black it gets it still reminds me of
you, maybe you don’t like my idea of beauty, we want big name art,
you have the text available to read, the person who did up this
text might be dead, that black mark is going to haunt you, one
loves the wisdom here, google swish, just trying to get an angle
on some beauty, you’d hardly believe it was the same woman, the
aitch line, how hard is it to do a face, actually prefer if you
were a little fatter, perceptual jaggies, it all depends on nothing,

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