Friday, July 22, 2011

"lellow" & "unblot"

insane propaganda, all these bizarre
little creatures have latin names,
any randomly generated ten digit
number, the hand of your son,
there is a screaming in my brain,
toxic mail syndrome, we had to
move away because of the name,
you sent me this fragment, if
there was any doubt about your
identity, lellow, who erased
the year, a person got crushed,
crushed by love, this was before
we knew the meaning of the
word, bespeak the yellow,

why can’t you just be yourself,
lii, skaggdopping, there is a
hidden link here, nine one one,
link back in to poetics, logomind,
sii, unblot, til present, hii, miklós,
oh eye take a rest, full size eye,
consciousness is nomadic, refuse
to go shopping, janos sugar, eii,
are we not fucking, reçu en état
d’avarie, five one one, do dig,
erradumb, iii, pochette, we
were still in place but out of
place, oii, these are the days,

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