Monday, July 18, 2011

"nothing material"

over the threat hole, self-confined,
hope or tune it, pass if absorbtion,
at the sign of the poppyseed,
charlottes encouraged homesteaders,
environmental excavating, in case
of photocopying or other repro-
graphic copying, equips plain air,
people passing thru, the unnatural
world, it’s just a nice stone,
barnacle covered engine block,
it looks balanced, to take possess
& eat too, frozen to zen, nothing
material, actual action, full cable,
a word put down on a part, join the
trance sect, here’s one antiverbal,
miles from now, some kind of zen,
back to front, they are going by,
dangle by a fibre, spelling
optional, suicide poetry, four
thous and housebound, hangle,
swallowing around, raven corpse,
wheel-mobile, the letter pee
is not allowed, on the other side
of the glass

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