Saturday, July 09, 2011

"arthole" & "bamboozed"

release the folder, two is
drawing gold, remove friend,
eid, list-serve venn diagram,
mayor june bug, site-specific
literature, the mayor of
lawrence kansas, the container
this text is contained in,
algodon, gone from mayor to
commissioner, creating value
ex nihilo, name the thing,
fuck toner, yadda yadda me,
how can you possibly say
another word, add another
locus, glad to be rid of it,

the date could be determined,
if you think you got something,
you might as well use both sides,
you won’t be meat for long, the
old lizard brain, why would you
need to bootleg it, the poets there
were then, you are glad you
are not included, everyone is
still radioactive, are you still
having those visions, don’t let
yourself be bamboozled by
the owl, how could those days
have existed, why don’t you
actually do some colouring,

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