Saturday, July 30, 2011

"argynnis paphia" & "a chaos of text"

a microhit of art, lap ray, for
not by, hammering away with
rubberstamps, no we have no
memory of this text, brandishing
cleaver, oc acul, cryolation,
moosed, drunked a hat,
srathered, hat ladder, hat foam,
slopbucket full of hope,
vendua, you can’t just say from,
before the statue of liberty
got knocked down, there’s good
old argynnis paphia again,
plus all the rest of the stuff,

the technical term for this bit
of paper, is this being done with
a pen or a machine, there is a
hidden bit of paper but it is
blank, flux of pine trees, try to
remember with all your might,
sclera, here’s what to do with
this text, this bit ought to have
been excluded, but it wasn’t,
now this is a very specific
project, a chaos of text, hat
stiff, a generous assessment,
you could excavate, trance bal,

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