Tuesday, November 01, 2011

"an aitch we had to scratch"

i don’t know where to begin,
little bit of paper as seen by
a poet’s eye, highlight the non,
feel free to dangle, the art of
losing, stubborn particulars,
period in concrete, capitalist
realism, animals are known to
kill others of their species
just for looking bad, oris,
anti-auratic, let’s pour concrete
into the grand canal, parvis,
yubari melons, it’s dark energy
versus dark matter, coma sign,
if you need to find a way to
get more words into your world,
different orders of reality,
some people are colourblind,
i know your not too fond of
addnpass, you can’t even face
the art you are making, spin the
paper, you want pics, one of the
other, the meaning of the text
is lost, honey on the keys,
prepare to bore, telos post,
an aitch we had to scratch,
paper fool, p and dc, why would
you want me to be blank,
cemax, why are all the corners
torn off, folie a trois, seat
spread, ntk, making letterlike
marks, add another artist into
the mix, turku, lex ikon,

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