Monday, March 05, 2012

"bj services"

okay dad you ain’t my dad, shit
you cut that letter right in half,
the acid mix, clinking the stones
together, trimpack, please no more
madness, it seems to have lost some
of it’s pixelness, f… seep me
chang, the collaboration process
is well under way, this needs to
be depixellated, i can’t see much
trace of you here, who gets to
move first, okay you’re just
scribbling all over the good stuff,
bang sense, approkaching, blank
statement, these fluctuations
seem seriously random, you are
talking about an event in the
future as if it were in the past,
check and see if you have this
pattern, one is imposing a non-
production day, one is looking
forward to the summer of love,
bj services, maybe you don’t
deserve to have any cheese,
kuro neko, schizodelic, lay
shamaness, i love it when she
says: tp, stack heap collision,
thirty-four dee, bloatware,
echelon, carnivore software,
lazy stitched, ink and spirit
mimeo, stencil duplicated,
cerebral dropouts, the
shorthand girl, meta-author,

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