Sunday, March 18, 2012

"akaka," "phaea," & "shark fire"

franciscana, sphaerophorus, still
lucent, cephaloziopsis, subimponens,
red hue, mouse tails cat, having
a thallus, incisa, a ting of red,
the label is always wrong,
cephallus, akaka, you forgot who
helped you, golden broom moss,
fontinalis, is it even scapania,
buddha university pollen,
pellia monster, the family is
wrong, lucent hooker, moss
claws, hookeria, what is this
freaky shit, roche cove,

ne rien écrire au-dessus de
cette ligne, the thing itself
seems to be missing, the person
you were with is dead, scrabble
around in the dirt for fast
cum, phaea, photo of dirt,
hedwigia in exposed situation,
the moon is a bag of dirt,

art has ruined lives than, transparent sack, vinyl car seat
shatters, chicken tender, signed soutine, doll’s ghost, shark

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