Saturday, March 31, 2012


but that would double our consumption of paper, these those days,
today these five letters call up, just jump into your other
avatar, eldritch, totla trance, fuck honey, we "created" this
little document, the old photocopy has a nice tone to it, number
forty forty, less than generous with the margins, art taking up
space, may two four, we didn't really want to emphasize these
lines but, it it a bird or a plant?, page order may vary, let it
stand for adivider, honeytyper, you don't know where to begin and
yet you begin, total trance, from one end of the text to the
other, all hole, eldritch dark, are you getting bored of this
yet, the sharpie will bleed under the tape, we might need a
disambiguation page for this word, impload, silly sheehan, dooze
deese, ptosis temp met, the last of the blank?, why you wanna
hold a grudge, i just look at all the toner and, oceanograph,
i forget which one of these people i love,

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