Tuesday, March 06, 2012


nothing is quite so fine anymore,
klein bottle beehive, you put the
sky onto the page of an old book,
are we playing hide and seek, look
into the haze of which way’s up,
shrink-wrapped bride, recycling
is not destroying, cadzand,
who has a name, you can’t quite
see what you hope to see, well
i’m glad something makes you
think of me, periodic snaildoc,
ink apple, one geen, torch the
scarecrow, chaotic hierarchy,
schizoaffective disorder,
naming the loss, anaesthetic
melancholy, perzining, nothing
democratic, the downvoid spiral,
freedom to create, bisque hood,
histocompatibility, unemployed
by whom, supersaviors, science is
the art of not fooling yourself,
producing future, biopunk,
community and it’s discontents,
hydrolicious, miichanica
shoochi moki, golden hermitage,
bioinformatics, shakuntala,
a cybernetic suit, pulling the
collective leg, well you ack
sixteen, ain’t ain’t in the
spellchecker, studying your
own downward spiral,

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