Monday, March 12, 2012

"postmodern concrete"

a sexually fluid being, sati,
jouhar, moula salsa, matane,
green threads embedded in the
paper, the lost bell, klaatu,
decay productions, unexpected
mail, rippled in its trance,
becoming more and more unreadable,
self-portrait: thirteen mile woods,
is that an obsolete website,
fluxus is, every day is the first
day of issue, think thru money,
eat art, you have been shoed,
flag vision, lion to us, happy
together in the belly of the
whale, yet another hand in,
clouded head, baltimore
saskatchewan, the living are
dead and the dead are living,
are you calling me dead?,
there ain’t no money, fireworks
going off in the head,
obliterated face, we stood,
death was all a big joke,
markers of resistance,
apolitical materialism,
a cageman, doom and boom,
postmodern concrete, a virgin
factory, ornamental hermit
crab, be tireless, blood letter
day, post-reality, got pussy?,

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