Saturday, March 24, 2012


hair and death, jellytoriums, biochar, sludgeage, convex clusters,
a one-person show, ryesoak koan, grey sand to the concrete pile,
mercado, meganivel, chido, chulo, chuleta, apartment festivals,
tejocate, guarumbo, haze therapy, velando, agonism, parries to
paradise, just call it all a job of work and have done with it,
this little fleck of red is key, we broke the generous margins
rule, give the artist a buzz, if you could go back to this day
what would you do different, a simple cover, a simple wall of
text, it does not matter if the pages get out of order, luggage
poetry, it was almost as if you had put the book on the shelf
for me, the text on a fragment of paper you found on the floor,
the text on the fruit sticker on the orange, madibel, issue one
upgrader, living in the laughterlife, maybe you should just
have a big fire, wonder deeper, fucksite, pink salvage, nothing
to say about this, intense prepuces, in the minds eye: nothing,
do the complete run of seahorses, sore spots and bright spots,

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