Thursday, March 29, 2012

"benday sapateiro"

anything we can say about this today, thumps up, somebody is
hoarding the originals, the stuuf on the net is instantly
forgettable, you could annotate to indicate the colours, baffling
images, add the blank to the pile of blank, garfor, is a rubber-
stamp impression not a pure copy, if you only use one side of
the paper, in the copy there is no toner under the white, the
moment of revelation, as delivered, hint of blue indicates, a little
excessive on the ink, double-sided make-ready, the dayglo sign,
just start thinking of yourself as an artist, meditate on blank,
the pen is one in a long line of pens, the bit of flesh is always
a ruse, paper camp, the emphasis over here calls attention away
from the error over here, virtual beauty brain, benday sapateiro,
doctor ink mail, cumsoaked paper towel, one recall, erect self,
supearl realism, surprise consumption, the original is well
indicated, n plus one generation copy, the slogan has been
obfuscated, how long do you intend to hold the grudge, the grudge
against the seahorse, snailmail versus e-mail, possible and
potential re-use and, the original must be somewhere, one knows
for a fact that this here bit was once real, genuine photocopy,
seal of reality, now the dollar is ready to spend, the blue will
splitch great on the yellow, the folds give the original away,
don't think that if you put something on the web that you have
done something with it, these are all clipped out of genuine
antique magazines, hopefully you will not be perceiving this,
degrees of loss, not losing much, we can let a bit slip off the
edge, in some ways the copy is much nicer, fold remover, a
moonpie for,

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