Thursday, March 22, 2012

"axionet" & "sunnyside deathhouse"

largest wall mural, i am that am i,
centre no centre, never caught a
fish, unfettered birds, you don’t
have enough money to pay your
rent, let it burn, published by
something else press, big big
sex, axionet, give yourself a
quick geography lesson, not
quite ready for auction but,
trim off the non-art portions,
in you more than you, dropping
e, no material reality,
identity consultation,
spice zine,

concordia cum veritate, we missed
all the deadlines, what is the
general gist of this text, golden
goddess six hundred dollars,
you blew two hundred bucks
on what, sunnyside deathhouse,
bring a can of gas up into your
apartment, graphite on paper
three hundred dollars, try and
fail, webs nets and megas,
view an image walk away and,
chawing away at the toner,
contemporary computer pixel,
everybody who was on the
street, going away for a month,

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