Saturday, March 03, 2012


a modicum of anal leakage, a
tornado that loves you, the old
rubber check gag, i was lagging,
a lay shaman, let somebody else
pay for the copies, poetry is the
kiss of death, vf, we all want
anarchy, the text is just fantasy,
penny lover, baboon metaphysics,
wash hats in mercury nitrate,
one hundred and forty
characters, histories epics
chronicles, civilizing improvement,
persian script versus davanagari
script, persianization versus
sanskritization, heterogeneous
cultures and ethnicities, dasa,
conquest and hegemony exemplified,
triumphant violence, kilesas,
anapanasati, the general
animations, to neko, be half
blank, etalon, legible copy,
begin your person, musters extra
base power, picsartspoems, the
white worms love you, yes there
is a replication, penthouse pages,
as far as reps go, let me eat
cake, ten the movie, from your
self to your self, fcz fcz
fcz fcz fcz, please don’t
note little dots, last week’s
hammering away, it will
make zero difference,

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