Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"shinola" & "golosol"

why are we drawn to what we do not
understand, the fire is not increase,
we might not remember exactly but,
you don’t remember your first
anything, continue on with your
zilch, noncensus, this is a very
important phrase, off with my
head, an inseperable mix of
shit and shinola, replen, jenks,
a hundred years from now the
junk mail will be, well buzz,
got riddle, i see your face
every day, banque a mex, we
need a non-gloss zone, rea ,

i don’t know who made this mark
or why, do you know what to put in
the boxes, calculus poetry, if
you had to guess you would have
guessed wrong, golosol, leed silver,
the spacing between the letters,
run your hand over the smooth,
a lifetime of art, riz logo,
orc kosher, beautiful colours
on the kleenex box, atokad,
the grease stain is a dead
give away, we have thousands
of sheets, what kind of inks,

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