Saturday, March 17, 2012

"hairy egg" & "fck fem flt"

sdoopy, nothing even pretending
to be a word, you would have to
place the texts side by side, brain
monsters, pord law, the energy of
insanity, oddjects, you are going
over the edge, what your head is
about to do, are we talking about
writing or, afker, reading a
different copy in a different
city, parasympathetic release, we
are going to start you off with
this tiny scrap of paper, sand hat,
number io, hairy egg,

envelope interior art, i’m glad i
took a moment to read your poem,
cash out your, cont rib, just
because it has your name on it,
golden bull, wesy wett weak, ere
ecf ece, kal kay sharf, bak baw
baf, fck fem flt, laser coming
in or going out, lagune, i’m
working on my piles, why do we
ignore each other, jenny holzer
roadster, i forgot about this
and thot you never responded,
the same time some time, pin we,

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