Thursday, March 08, 2012


nothing that won’t wash, concrete
living, poetry on top of it all,
identity is a barrier to
communication, the tell-tale
glint, ghost-written status updates,
wanda landowska, now this little
strip of paper is an objet d’art,
give out tissue, by binding,
spicy quebec, smart grid, cloud
computing, psychedelic maps, i
only know how to spend, drummed
up an avalanche, from winnipeg
to johnsonville, to play online
game, sit at the airport and
watch the people come in the
international gate, now bind
the bound, glib treatment of
taboo subject, the black candle
girl, here’s the source of the
chop, here’s a who, henry
wentworth monk, early warning
doppler, he fell against the
hat, community hub elizabeth,
the nano car, craniosynostosis,
bartas, aksara, parama pada,
satyasa satyam, eka, aja,
ross idlemind, vajralike
absorption, the yidam deity,
hobophobia, away for kicks,
oh here we go again, donenod,

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