Saturday, March 10, 2012


real gender, facebabies,
masterthief of time, writing and
rewriting sweet nothings, it looks
like a mere grocery list but it’s
actually a work of art, kokuho
rose logo, what are you going to
charge for this little art work,
poetry with te’, which artwork
would fit this hole better,
little skiff of red, microartworks,
just make a light tick with a
pencil, we need to read all these
websites, vistech, your average
penny, enn minus one, tindahan,
eoagh, polyvinyl acetate, pure
golden tripe, is this the name
of a poet or a hockey player,
wall strike, feedhorn, buildings
antenna span earth, azimuth,
how do you feel about pieces
of paper, red underline means
cut, capite operto esse, well it
certainly does not look fake,
effeto bau, my shadow is
my graffiti, underwhat conditions
did you read the book let, we
are trying to shift the
paradigm, professional mail-
artist, utopian library,
rednight, edible books, let art,

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