Sunday, March 04, 2012

"the freedom of nothing"

plasencia, giant paper dog, the me
and the not me, extranjero, postal
has already been gone, don’t point
that pen at me, lay in a supply of
ink, recycle no reuse, x marks the
spot of attention, bulk ink, you
have accumulated zero, you are
living in a hoover, highlighting
nothing, a hundred and forty
bullets, the freedom of nothing,
the nothing of freedom, cluster-
flock, the potentiality of this
phrase slot, you never even used
the frills, transcendental
sexuality, image enhancement
services, turn the page to the
van, sea horse piss, little
philosophies of action, zining,
pooka, zermatt, silos beatus,
cromwell’s new model army,
dumézil’s jurist-priest and
magician-king, brer, deliberately
unemployed, to monetize or not
to monetize, a text with nothing
written in the margins, little
text full of ripe shit, blur
gulab, jack the text down,
straatoneel, farton bink,
undo button, lorer, no need to
open the envelope quite so wide,
facial nonrecognition, archivio,
splotch that hand down,

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