Friday, March 02, 2012


psychedelic studies, the poetry
drop, drippings from the meat,
when you say ink, an eleven-
thousander, honour commercio’s
energy, the harbourer-cum
enheritance, each one of these
poems is worth a penny, abyss
of nonsignification, give the
eye somewhere to go, the concrete
was too hard aggressive, little
empires, double exclusion, the
cosmopolitan classes, archigram,
holes cavity embalmed, the
heart’s eye is closed, you might
go up to sixteen point, i love it
when she says: tp, i matter-
caster, number of words per
square inch, live lika refugee,
you could use a search engine,
the many hands of, the hub of
the sandwich, scotch-tape art,
riddu riddu, dead rabbit
logo, when the mail arrives they
blow the horn, the power of
repetition, the power of
repetition, the machine just
burped, koshienguchi, the many
addresses of, no i don’t get
the sense it’s meant to be

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