Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"simex" & "snort tea"

rock point twenty-three, someone
told them they could camp without
a tent and they believed it, bear
way up in a tree, sleeping giant
awoke, simex, floral clock, wow
that rock man just moved,
lehtinen, housecamping, dance
your beauty, minnedosa, five
bucks is five bucks isn’t it,
dunnville, blue lake, kiss the
beluga, nor-halton acton,
manitou, sandbanks, peat
mount ain, indiana dunes,
skylon, release the snake,

how to take a place off the map,
no she doesn’t want to see us,
lost in some random city,
lost in some random county,
almost enouph for a hit um enough,
snort tea, the stash is cleaned
right out, this bookmark rings a
bell, every piece of fruit you ever
ate, something ran out, we are
down to the dirt, what does ess
enn stand for, mmm this old
moss smells wonderful,
a band called belly up,

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