Friday, March 30, 2012

"elkatras" & "ed lefko"

earthlink, rivendell, hellhound
on my trail, griffin, elkatras,
aubergine combo, just my size,
gusset, sugar grabe, prototype
product, honey bulge, natural
underwire, our linking texts,
our linking texts, blame poetry,
red-hump appleworm, the cut is
the only sign, glass paint,
lovely pattern of cracks, was
there ever was such a thing,
bantam, labyrinth of desire,
gino nardari, removalavomer,

obtenido, ot koro, church stain,
she takes a moment, divulge it
please, nobody calls, indistinct
chickenscratch, when this you see,
deart, impregnated with what,
this was the letter trap, it means
not always present, ed lefko,
this thing is bound for further
replication, free head, please
do not resurrect, dredging up
old memories, what are you
trying to draw, why are you
saving three, graffiti on
brick, the bart, a real surprise,

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