Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"kuzari" & "valentine fork"

miniature minimalism, dust the
object of desire, there is a way of
knowing, nickel nitwit, immersed
together in honey, the future
holds the usual, contamination
experiences, colza, phytosanitary,
throwaway reference, indirect
colonization, kuzari, hafiz,
discalced, demitting, do you
want all the gory details, you
were gone but now you’re gone,
when’s the last time you
actually published me, h,

timbre sammelen, oh it’s a hell
of a lot more than five let me
tell ya, raw room on, roof coat,
double joint toke, valentine
fork, enuf leaves, a mailartist
without a mailbox, saving your
eye for what, there was a reason,
sorry i broke the chain,
foiling work, make the words
tick, maybe it’s not too lake
for love, chicken juices run
clear, the network never fails,
polyconic, we failed to fight,

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