Tuesday, March 13, 2012


take the forward step, now i forget which way’s up, found an
actual seahorse, where are all the networkers now, netsuck,
don’t worry about the colour: let the colour go, one does not
enjoy censoring one’s self, did the second batch not get thru,
chatnet, i will answer to dada vee if it will get me a new brain
cell fractal, all this paper is just clogging up the system,
a little girl with a gun in her hand, i only compose status updates
anymore, this typewriter is making my ears ring, yer three looks
like a seven there, i don’t like running my originals thru the
machine, whatever day happens to be handy, zeen zyne, these
would make nice little artists trading cards, apostrophe no
apostrophe, message to you rudy, my insignificant other, this
is a future possibility, little man with a gun in his hand,
coo coo coo, meat clog, borderphobia, unless it will result in
something bad, chat is a place, the network is there to help you,
zen peach, ain’t good for nothing else no more, it’s a small
difference, but a difference none the less, when this entity
entered the network & when that entity left the network, this
is last week’s toner, entity’s we have never interacted with,
one way interaction, tonerblight, tonerbright, i am going to
continue until i am beyond, why do you feel you need to get your
two cents worth in?, because i’m footing the bill, hmmm there seems
to be some confusion between the copy and the so-called original,
eight errors, at some future juncture, still though it’s a
beautiful error,

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