Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"telaranea" & "colesula"

the institution owns the postage,
stringer specimen, determination of
text, extirpated from the herkimer
county, zijn niet, mislabeled
specimen, setigera, isotype, phascum,
cryophilum, anoectangium,
bazzania, villingadals moor,
porpidia, telaranea, zettel,
geobelobryum, dillenius,
my new name, writing with some
sort of old fashioned pen,
raremoss, first there was the one
then there was the two,
eupseudobryum, athenos,

retina retinue, judging by your
handwriting, fardoe, dolomite,
my new name my new body, open it
out to its fullest, metheye,
colesula, douin, crusty and
rusty paperclip, elena lirio,
do you realize you have the same
hand as, you don’t need no road
map, spline, we were just getting
a handle on sphagnum, first
circular, mont tremblant,
chinese letterhead, caroline
coventry haynes, leiotrichous,
moss exchange, martinellia,

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