Sunday, March 11, 2012

"kineococcus radiotolerans"

subversive blather, barely fifteen
hundred, metapsychosis, the tigers
and the strawberry, sunlight
time, unable to pull out of the
nosedive, poetry redeems nothing,
eye one amp, so damn taut,
vientiane, economic culture of
hong, the referring incident,
the proposition of a hat,
earth handed crazy, a kootch
dancer, kineococcus radiotolerans,
hashtags, problematic trackage,
rig-sheet flooring, meta-speaking,
body swapping, lomg, body swapping,
online bugs, transforming
blank paper into, blatware,
nisei, it looks to be a rather
more complex text, stop saying
that to yourself, pussy fluid,
astronomical copies, cœlum,
the twilight bow, milonga,
gender art, privatopia, ecotopia,
ways of being, this is the news,
maimed statistics, socialist
one-liners, insistence of
pointing, relational poetics,
list-form, focus backward
and focus forward, hyper-
referential, flüsterwitze,
anarchic comedy, social
reflexivity, liberatory multiplicity,

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