Monday, March 19, 2012

"dirty machine"

nobody is going to help you, you are
published but, visible x revisions,
i have no memery of being at silvern
lakes but, i keep xxxxx imagining i
hear the chat go pop, planet scorched
by sun, copy go blah!, the work
of documentation, the network owes
you nothing, focus on the seahorse,
focus on the solid x wall of toner,
forget slights?, if the date is out
by a single day, one for each of you,
all the machines are dying, time
indicates nothing, art for the home,
gussy up, bat-mania, what’s in
the keg?, and-mail, dirty machine,
just babelfish it, paper angle, van
gogh should just get a fucking job,
interpellation is when a homeless person
asks you for help, why don’t you try
eating that old amanita, there will
be bears, pylaisiella polyantha, popped
xxxxxx baboon, planet identity, ink
bitch, now we’ve lost the whole file,
if the xx bell rings, use the paper to
xxxxxx your eyes,
use the toner to shield your eyes,
grey gray hotel splendid, you need
layers of toner,

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