Wednesday, March 07, 2012

"an inventory poetics"

non-commercial art, an assembled
poetics, an inventory poetics, the
matrix solution, make it fucked
up, continuous landslide,
emoting snev, noho, bodhicitta,
verbier, canadian cigar, flux
canadee-i-oh, using pen and
paper to annoy people, hand
washing hand, how about not being,
nobodaddy the meta-author,
praeter, kezele, the jeju accord,
abraxis, rocola, steaking
tooth, evil apostasy meme,
california resident, totalitarian
messianic democracy, aylmer,
the white queen syndrome,
the smell released as the shrink-
wrap comes off, hostiae, anarmy,
push like it says, nobody is
going to steal evil are they,
hint of recycle, black felt
on cast-off shrinkwrap, toss
it across the street, saya,
tinta, crottin de chavignol,
tiss, tp, imposing a non-
production day, conficker,
botnet armies, lulu bisonte,
looking forward to the
summer of love, sufficiently
unemployed, my fluxpack,
fluffus, repper, gotea, mere meme,

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