Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"burghardt" & "bomford"

long after the thing itself is
gone, your words for you, the
hole is all, a nice rendition of
the word ink, one comes to love
flyers after all, paper sleeve,
we have the ground but we can’t
quite make out the figure, one
prefers the souvenir to the event,
burghardt, a few extra folds
of paper, maybe start with a
paper route, bundles, your
very first job, save the paper,
you could use it as an envelope,

heelies, slick tissue, wire houser,
lesson three in writing, desnoes,
yzer, respects the authority of the
reader, die folds out to form
cross, tube-noses, some small
mammals, with the holes punched
in it, bomford, use the edge of
the ticket to clean your teeth,
use the whole, time we spent
together whacking down rubber-
stamps, enthusiastic lunacy,
creating multiples, multiplying
creations, precious paper towel,

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