Friday, July 27, 2012

"rpv" & "spinnaker"

het anker, hat and anchor, wire cage,
celebrate nothing, hb fourteen,
teethmarks red, art in fermented
form, holl and brew, mendocino
to rpv, the meaning of north,
teethmarks blue, hansen’s sense
nineteen-thirty-five, drinking
rolling rock in pennsylvania,
bells or hats, floyd floyd and
floyd, cut the leash, authentic
stone, silver cap, drp three four
two, maori pointillism, cali
terra, slayman, hcslorg, gib,

independent reading, cemented to
the hair, reading is easy with eyes
closed, webb avenue, signature
sticker, manila, cap reg dis par,
botanical thugs, special forth,
undeliverable gibberish, mobot
robot gobot, chome tsurumi,
spinnaker, baldwin, you ain’t no
author, microvariations, noboss,
remaining silent, live material,
steinmetz, jepson, upsidedown
reunion, succursale, bastion,
irony wood, scobc, you are your
other, porophyte, incompletionism,

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