Thursday, July 12, 2012

"australorp" & "alox"

benday dots, push button for
pickle, this artwork is still
hypothetical, my spiritual life
series, your self in nineteen-
seventy-six, without the caption,
forgotten things worth celebrating,
ain’t got no umbrella, still
smilin’ now, ham girl, i bet this
banana would taste good, the
moment of conception, australorp,
hey you’re lookin’ kind of grim
buddy, lick and see, simple-
hearted and wicked, that’s
our boy, sin on credit card,

we don’t want to be thinking
about death, from here in the
midst of life, retention trance,
inhaling shellac, trance
personal, just think of it as
down time, alox, the edge of the
beauty, i am unique in the
world, one two three where the
hell’s my face, why are you
hoarding all this art, girls
girls girls, biosfera, golden
acrilic, roll me on, what
makes you draw, sapateiro,

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