Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"bariet" & "anti-buzz"

hello! my name is karen eliot,
feel the material object, if you
heart me, mpc-dg, you could open
it up more fully, doing mailart
is time well spent, what am is,
this text has been handwritten
by, yorp, the black truth about
mailart, egghead on a wormbody,
these shows make the rounds,
miss pap, you were supposed to
do something with this document,
now put a layer of shellac on,
the perforated line is there
for a reason, bariet, so hep me,

we need to determine how this
was printed, yellow trance, is
this from the source or, the new
king of mailart is a woman,
indeterminate printing techniques,
van reflex, this junk is suitable
for framing, freak went, clay
fish, franticham, jeju, van mail,
here’s a flounder for you,
war bridge, anti-buzz, the
hardest thing to read in town,
it was good but sort of a
deluded moment, everything
fluxed together, sharpie bleed,

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