Monday, July 16, 2012

"sleem" & "casasole"

kumala, the little penguin, i’m
getting a picture of people at
work, pick a barrel any barrel,
capital a lozenges crown, the
discovery never ends, the cock of
the rock, boon rawd, the big
rooster, corona five cents deposit,
the design on the crozier
signifies, slee, sleem, as performed
by the minutemen, re eight-
twenty-three, vin, rendition of
grab, rendition of grapevine,
leffe, mouse under cap, beer
link, rewer, just drink it,

pivovar, a whole vehicle painted
up to sell your product, the
dragon comes out to play, the
roar of the dragon, grosh, sgf,
which to swim in, brb, it’s blue
and white but it calls up the
memory of green, there is a
language of crooks, casasole,
sobebev, watching beauty read,
the bite of the device, this is
just loss, read the skin, white
beer, there must be a way to
read these symbols, proudcock,

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