Tuesday, July 03, 2012

"panis angelicus" & "hokaiso"

are you sure you know who this
poetry belongs to, cream-symmetry,
panis angelicus, orange daisies,
kairos, write me a letter
across the street, we prepared
the egg but, anti-manuscript,
this is where it all began,
this became a fractal economy,
a ring, a ring awakens, there
will be no break, tjart, oh
plum indirect, smell it,
still fine for use ten years
later, find your limits by,

freedom through obedience,
medal metal mettle meddle,
hokaiso, don’t fuck with my
text, silence of life, no need
to edit this, nine to eleven,
van stasis boulevard, crazy
line drawing, abs, confess
coffees, boson bosom, electric
flake, s i n, one bird bone,
crack baby crack, ix thix nix,
out the tits, cherry blossom
calories, the happy sausage,
your accordion metaphor,

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