Thursday, July 19, 2012

"e-dentity" & "livitsanos"

sheehan may, you don’t even
remember how to tell time,
kidzxress, with special permissions,
the eternal male-female conflict,
place artists stamp here, one
flea spare, e-dentity, odd car,
out in the weather, ladies
invitational deadbeat
society, ube queen tan, we had
planned to take part, memory
will be really gone, apti,
identical persons, this will
destroy your life, identifold,

if the paper is twenty-five percent
cotton why does it rip so easy, turbana,
the essentials of imaging, livitsanos,
wad of photocopies, red heart
meat, i gave you the designation
anyway, you must have a stamp,
pornography is just an excuse,
prinses wo, don’t rub the art,
jazzenede, art greed, little
man, gasmask art, denigsated,
a beautiful sample of your
hand, jurel, rafa, mades if,
i’ve had it with silly,

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