Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"aniskowicz" & "mailbot"

milk fire, your failure to
participate, mylar, nardia,
give up work altogether,
orthocaulis, this is not what
the program is designed for,
emphasis on the question mark,
fancy name for lophozia,
five wrong guesses, lucy island,
gendesc, with authority, plache,
nilkitkwa road, aniskowicz,
herzogiella, without your
feeling a thing!, ptilidium,

please process immediately,
you’ve ruined the envelope, you
don’t see envelopes this size very
often, the stamp is dead, mailbot,
there must have been an interesting
mark back there, if you put a
stamp on it the message would
be obscured, my memory thinks
it sees a doubleyou, here’s
another one of those odd, walks
are dicey, davidual, aon,
photo age enhanced a generation,
no i thot i saw an are,

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