Sunday, July 29, 2012

"spearmint rhino," nonchat," & ""scrawlblog"

higgs boson, the stuff of dark matter, the heart slog, right this
sec, a heart emoticon, cash it out before it evaporates, controlled
sources, pick a year at random from the last four hundred, you
are paying for the juice, jack up the point size on the haetten—
schweiler, commun, wid thaw, cluster of galaxies, lucky fools,
cara cara cara cara cara cara cara cara cara cara oara cara cara,
meaninglass, get more use out of the garbage, not much to choose
between the 1 and the 0, a big word meaning not much, vetasa,
parcae lachesis, hatwork, heartwork, spearmint rhino, falling
naked, your memory of what this means will fade, experiential
women, survival sex workers, end the harms caused, i just wanna
be your stepping stone,

arbitrary infliction of pain, arbitrary infliction of pleasure,
we thot we had seen the last of you, buddhist transgressatory
destruction methodology, there is no such thing as real presence,
nonchat, one just loves: no object,

yellow flower, blank silicon, kneels, why ask a distant star,
let's ask the moon, you can’ have exactly the same fun, a long
wind is a-blowin', late & distant acquaintances, outside the
outside, bigger chunk, now if this was money..., extend in both
directions, scrawlblog, glitch art, your first taste of heroin,
running out into the street after you, approved waste, you can
check for signs but there are none,

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