Wednesday, July 04, 2012

"lexicogrammar" & "syrup purys"

twenty, three, glo-fi, pg man,
curiosities of the way, capital
k, kleenex  kluster, chocolate
penny, all repaired, next line,
lexicogrammar, ananarratology,
let a hundred flowers blossom
and a hundred schools of
thought contend, the scratching
down we do today, eagles
fables, anybody within earshot,
scratching thru from the
other side, anomiatic, jibber
jabber literature,

longest period off the wagon,
hand signed, vertebration, open
plum, to junk store buy souls,
this crap is not even paper,
you really think you’re a
writer don’t you, syrup purys,
mopars, twenty-three word bio,
parallel disclosure, two-bit
postcard, intellectual
chalk board, blood-stained
lawns, a card to protect the
card, bending is not a problem,

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