Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"microdot" & "gretna"

our-person-in-the-mailroom, la
fée, sell microdot on e-bay, hhh-
uffmotor at commune dot, these
are the girls that put you over
the edge, feel dat reality,
there was a reason for the thing
being sealed away, mind river or
mind driver, you see what time
is up to hear, twenty-five
dollars per sheet of paper,
child’s work of a moment, a well
laboured scrap of paper, where
the turning point occurs,
crodex, internet surprise,

insane turkey, paigra, dragons
or dinosaurs, you could open all
the little doors, type-able green
tissue, true the years, gretna,
nothing as golden as chocolate,
we’ve got enough here for an
edition, back in the day drunk,
meditation paper, landscape
green, experimental wafer,
a language of paper noises,
the day called: one-too-many,
paper landscape, tissue edition,
icon competition, dr ink,

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